Meet Our Board

board_roomCoriell’s Board of Trustees is an outstanding group of professionals from the fields of medicine, finance, law, business, and public service, who provide governance and leadership for the Institute. Their diverse backgrounds and experience bring new thinking as Coriell presses forward with initiatives in personalized medicine, stem cell technology, and biobanking and research services.

The Coriell Board of Trustees acts as an advisor and counselor to senior management and ultimately monitors its performance. They help to identify emerging issues and ensure that the Institute’s programs are both effective and accountable.

Board members use their social and business networks to identify and cultivate supporters of the Institute to raise funds to propel our programs and create events and opportunities that attract donors to our mission. Board members also volunteer their expertise and services to help the organization meet its goals and enhance its reach in the community.

Coriell board members are true ambassadors for Coriell Institute, committed to advocating for the Institute to the public and governmental agencies.

Robert P. Kiep III

Coriell Board of Trustees – Chairman

“It’s a privilege to be an ambassador of the Coriell Institute, a pioneer in medical research working toward improving tomorrow’s health.” [ Learn More › ]

John A. Affleck

Coriell Board of Trustees – Emeritus

“I serve on the Coriell board because I believe in the idea of bench-to-bedside research — taking what we learn in the laboratory to help people live healthier, better lives. Coriell has been dedicated to this field for nearly 60 years.” [ Learn More › ]

Arnaud Bastien, MD

Coriell Board of Trustees 

"At the intersection of innovation and improved health, biomedical researchers at pharmaceutical companies and independent research centers like Coriell work to translate their ideas into therapies. The goal is to encourage cross-collaboration at this very intersection so patients can receive the next generation of medicines today." [ Learn More › ]

William H. Bell Jr.

Coriell Board of Trustees – Emeritus

“By combining his research vision with his compassion for pediatric care, Dr. Lewis Coriell guided the careers of researchers, improved the lives of patients, and inspired me and my fellow board members to action. His vision endures at the Coriell Institute.” [ Learn More › ]

William T. Carson

Coriell Board of Trustees Emeritus

“I joined the Coriell board because I was fascinated by Lewis Coriell’s vision to advance scientific discovery through the creation of a cell and DNA biobank, which supports researchers around the world. I continue to be fascinated by the Institute’s work and enjoy being a part of this remarkable non-profit.” [ Learn More › ]

Earl Coriell, MD

Coriell Board of Trustees – Emeritus

“Medicine requires study, pragmatism, and discipline. Improving the health of others requires awareness, empathy, and sustained enthusiasm. My brother Lew understood this, and the Coriell Institute is a result of that understanding.” [ Learn More › ]

Peter E. Driscoll, Esq.

Coriell Board of Trustees

“Coriell has been an anchor institution in the City of Camden for nearly sixty years; incredibly, our international presence is just as significant. I am proud to see our organization playing an essential role in medical research around the world.” [ Learn More › ]

David J. Friedman

Coriell Board of Trustees

“It’s an exciting time to be a part of Coriell. We’re literally on the cusp of scientific breakthroughs that have the potential to truly alter how medicine is practiced in the future.” [ Learn More › ]

Frank Giordano

Coriell Board of Trustees

"For 25 years I have supported Coriell's mission to improve human health through research. Coriell continues that pursuit at an exciting time in science and my role on the board allows me to share this excitement with others." [ Learn More › ]

Joseph S. Holman

Coriell Board of Trustees – Emeritus

“Dr. Lewis Coriell recognized that South Jersey — a region where keen academic and healthcare activity thrives — was the ideal home for forward-thinking research. Today, the Institute continues to advance his vision with much promise, and much success.” [ Learn More › ]

Calvin H. Knowlton, BSPharm, MDiv, PhD

Coriell Board of Trustees – Emeritus

“Research indicates that more healthcare dollars are spent recovering from drug-related problems, than on medications themselves. Coriell is taking an active role in promoting the use of pharmacogenomics to correctly prescribe prescriptions drugs to patients, resulting in more accurate care, and measurable cost savings to our healthcare system.” [ Learn More › ]

Charles N. Lord

Coriell Board of Trustees

“Coriell has taken a leadership role in shaping the use of personalized medicine. Sitting on Coriell’s board offers a front row seat to watch simply incredible advancements in medicine reveal themselves.” [ Learn More › ]

Constance M. Madara

Coriell Board of Trustees – Emeritus

“Dr. Coriell’s commitment to his research was forever matched by his commitment to the education of researchers, doctors, and the public too. I am proud to be a member of the Coriell board and look forward to supporting the Institute as it excels in research and education.” [ Learn More › ]

Marc S. Maser, Esq.

Coriell Board of Trustees

“I want to contribute my time and energy to an enterprise that is making a difference in the world of health and medicine. Coriell is that and much more, leading research in personalized medicine and cutting-edge stem cell technologies.” [ Learn More › ]

George E. Norcross, III

Coriell Board of Trustees

“For nearly 65 years, Coriell has been pushing global science forward from right here in Camden. I’m eager to join this renowned team and look forward to continuing the institute’s tradition of support for the community through scientific education initiatives.” [ Learn More › ]

Michael J. Pellini, MD

Coriell Board of Trustees

“Coriell’s focused research on genome-informed, personalized medicine is providing needed evidence that will ethically and responsibly implement this promising new way to practice medicine.” [ Learn More › ]

John Piccone

Coriell Board of Trustees

"Coriell has historically played a key role in biomedical research. I am honored to work with Coriell's leadership to continue to advance the frontiers of biomedical science." [ Learn More › ]

Judith P. Poole

Coriell Board of Trustees – Emeritus

“The Coriell Institute is a mirror reflection of the man it is named for, Dr. Lewis Coriell:  A man of dedication to advancing medical research and discoveries that will benefit mankind.  His dedication, and those of the staff at Coriell Institute, is what inspired me to dedicate my time and resources.” [ Learn More › ]

Roland Schwarting, MD

Coriell Board of Trustees

"Both Coriell Institute and the Cooper University Health System have established South Jersey as the state's epicenter for progressive and meaningful medical exploration. Each success further reinforces this region's stake as a hotbed of innovation and industry." [ Learn More › ]

Edward D. Viner, MD

Coriell Board of Trustees

“Coriell Institute supports research that crosses disciplines and borders. I joined the Coriell board to help sustain the important role it plays supporting worldwide medical research.” [ Learn More › ]

Alan Wechsler

Coriell Board of Trustees – Emeritus

“Coriell’s expertise in personalized medicine, stem cell biology, and its renowned biobanking is advancing medical discovery around the world. I am thrilled to play a role at this Institute, a true leader in research.” [ Learn More › ]