NINDS Repository and dbGaP

The NINDS Repository banks and distributes samples suitable for genomewide association and other high throughput genotype/phenotype studies. A number of studies that used NINDS Repository samples have already deposited data at dbGaP (database of Genotypes and Phenotypes).

The NINDS expects that all Genomic Data (Whole Genome/Exome Sequencing, Targeted Sequencing, CNV and/or SNP) obtained from using the NINDS Repository samples, together with corresponding phenotypic data, will be deposited at dbGaP following the NINDS Genomic Data Sharing Policy.

The NINDS Repository staff can assist scientists who obtain samples from the Repository by providing an Excel file with phenotypic data for a specified set of samples. The lead scientist for the genotyping study is responsible for the overall process of depositing data at dbGaP, including these steps:

  1. Contact the NINDS Genomic Program Administrator, Dr. Ran Zhang (, to initiate the study registration at dbGaP.
  2. Provide study documents to the NINDS and dbGaP, including the NINDS Repository-relevant documents that can be downloaded from the Repository web catalog.
  3. Contact the NINDS Repository staff ( to request phenotypic data in an Excel file for a set of specified samples corresponding to those genotyped in the study. Coriell will provide these data to the lead scientist, who deposits the data at dbGaP.
  4. Submit genomic and phenotypic data to dbGaP.