Acknowledgement Guidelines

If you use NINDS Repository samples and/or data for publication, the NINDS requires acknowledgement of this publicly funded resource. 

  • Model Language for Acknowledging DNA panels

    DNA panels ( please specify panel type, e.g., Population Control) from the NINDS Repository were used in this study, as well as clinical data (if applicable). The submitters that contributed samples are acknowledged in detailed descriptions of each panel obtained in the catalog: (list catalog numbers here; these serve as direct links to detailed panel information, including submitter names).
  • Model Language for Acknowledging Repository Samples Purchased Separate From Panels

    This study used samples ( please specify sample type here, e.g., DNA, cell lines, fibroblast, iPSCs) from the NINDS Repository, as well as clinical data (if applicable). NINDS Repository sample numbers corresponding to the samples used are: (list catalog numbers here; these serve as direct links to the sample in the catalog).
  • Acknowledgement Guidelines for transferred fibroblast and iPSC cell lines

    The NINDS Fibroblast and iPSC Collections have been transferred to the NINDS Human Cell and Data Repository and have received new catalog identification numbers to reference. For inquiries on current acknowledgement language guidelines and referencing new catalog Ids, please email