Coriell Institute for Medical Research - 2022 Annual Report


This past year was another of growth and impact for the Coriell Institute for Medical Research, as detailed here in our 2022 Annual Report.

Always a cornerstone of the Institute’s foundation, Coriell’s biobank had a spectacular year. One of the major biorepositories in the Institute’s care renewed its agreement to stay at Coriell for another five years, the other collections grew in important ways and Coriell’s biobanking team published an article detailing a new tool they developed to keep sample donor information even more secure. That paper won the Best Paper Award from the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories.

Coriell was awarded a prestigious grant from the National Cancer Institute to investigate cancer epigenetics. This grant established an Epigenetic Therapies SPORE (or Specialized Program of Research Excellence) which is led by researchers at Coriell and Van Andel Institute with assistance from several collaborating institutions. This is the first thematic SPORE supported by the National Cancer Institute to focus on epigenetic therapy and is the first of its kind to be awarded to an organization in New Jersey.

This year also saw the return of the Coriell Institute Science Fair to an in person event. After two years in a virtual environment, student scientists returned to Camden County College to show off their projects and compete against one another for prizes. One winner from our fair continued on to and won a first place prize at the International Science and Engineering Fair in Atlanta, Georgia. This was her second first-place prize at ISEF in a row.

You’ll read about these milestones, achievements, and more in this year’s annual report.


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