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Interested in a product from Coriell, but you don’t see it in our online catalog? Through the NIGMS, NIA and NHGRI repositories, Coriell offers a range of on-demand products and custom services, including custom lots of bulk DNA and cell pellets.

Bulk DNAs are  large quantity lots of DNA (>1 mg) extracted from the Repositories’ cell lines. These DNA lots are produced on-demand with the same superb quality of the smaller quantities available through the online catalog and provides the end-user with a consistent, high-quality source of DNA material for research use. This product is useful for genomic applications that require a large amount of DNA, such as high throughput assay development and validations.

To order, place a Custom Service online order, specifying the sample Reference ID of the cell line of interest and desired final quantity under the "Bulk DNA" section.

Cell pellets are catalog-available cell lines that have been pelleted to specification and are shipped frozen. Customers can customize the preparation of these pellets to suit their research needs.

To order, place a Custom Service online order for the desired cell pellet, specifying the sample Reference ID of the cell line of interest, cell pellet size, and desired quantity under the "Cell Pellets" section.

If you're interested in another service not listed here, drop us a line and you'll hear back from our team within a business day.

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