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           Title: A nuclear lamina‐chromatin‐Ran GTPase axis modulates nuclear import and DNA damage signaling

           Samples UsedAG01972, AG11498, AG03199 and  AG08469

           Title: Predicting age from the transcriptome of human dermal fibroblasts

           Samples UsedAG08498, AG13153, AG12207, AG13234, AG14251, AG12587, AG13144AG16102AG13967,

           AG16358AG04386AG13066AG04457AG04063, AG05413, AG16409AG11745, AG04661AG11698, AG05274,

           AG13244, AG06276, AG11484, AG11725, AG11162AG11730, AG11556, AG11744, AG12954, AG12947AG11154,

           AG04143, AG12989, AG09843AG13962, AG11748, AG12493, AG13349, AG12602, AG04662, AG05247, AG05248,

           AG10884AG11732, AG11017, AG11808, AG09975, AG13225, AG04065, AG11735, AG11357, AG06308AG12597,

           AG13129, AG07124, AG12588, AG13208, AG09860, AG13065, AG06291, AG04461AG12788, AG09559, AG07725,

           AG04054, AG12599, AG04064, AG07478, AG13018, AG09602AG16086, AG08433AG09599, AG04059 and AG09605

           Title: ATM activation is impaired in human cells defective in RecQL4 helicase activity

           Samples UsedAG17524

           Title: Frenolicin B Targets Peroxiredoxin 1 and Glutaredoxin 3 to Trigger ROS/4E-BP1-Mediated Antitumor Effects

           Samples UsedI91L-16 and  AG06173

           Title: A disease causing ATLASTIN 3 mutation affects multiple endoplasmic reticulum-related pathways

           Samples UsedAG13334 and  AG04151

           Title: Autophagic cell death restricts chromosomal instability during replicative crisis

           Samples UsedAG06814-N

           Title: Fibrin-Targeted Polymerized Shell Microbubbles as Potential Theranostic Agents for Surgical Adhesions

           Samples UsedAG07086

           Title: REST and Neural Gene Network Dysregulation in iPSC Models of Alzheimer’s Disease

           Samples UsedAG04455, AG08125, AG08379, AG08509, AG14244, AG09173, AG06869AG07376AG21158,

           AG08243 and  AG10788

           Title: Extranuclear DNA accumulates in aged cells and contributes to senescence and inflammation

           Samples UsedAG04392, AG04433, AG04525, AG06555, AG02496, AG03058, AG04405AG10578, AG11513,

           AG03513 and AG00989

           Title: Chromosome alignment maintenance requires the MAP RECQL4, mutated in the Rothmund–Thomson


           Samples UsedAG05013 and  AG18371

           Title: Corticosteroids inhibit Mycobacterium tuberculosis-induced necrotic host cell death by abrogating

           mitochondrial membrane permeability transition

           Samples UsedAG05965

           Title: Familial Alzheimer’s disease-linked presenilin mutants and intracellular Ca2+ handling: A single-organelle,

           FRET-based analysis

           Samples Used: AG09908, AG08525, AG06840 and  AG08539

           Title: Progerin accelerates atherosclerosis by inducing endoplasmic reticulum stress in vascular smooth muscle


           Samples UsedAG06297

           Title: Analysis of somatic mutations identifies signs of selection during the in vitro aging of primary dermal


           Samples UsedAG13077, AG08433, AG10579 and  AG07091

           Title: A pleiotropic role for exosomes loaded with the amyloid β precursor protein carboxyl-terminal fragments in

           in the brain of Down syndrome patients

           Samples Used: AG06922 and  AG07095

           Title: mTOR hyperactivation in Down Syndrome underlies deficits in autophagy induction, autophagosome

           formation, and mitophagy

           Samples UsedAG06922, AG07095, AG07096 and  AG04823


           Title: Sp1 phosphorylation by ATM downregulates BER and promotes cell elimination in response to persistent

           DNA damage

           Samples Used: AG06173

           Title: Everolimus rescues multiple cellular defects in laminopathy-patient fibroblasts

           Samples UsedAG04110

           Title: SCAMP4 enhances the senescent cell secretome

           Samples UsedAG04110

           Title: Meganuclease targeting of PCSK9 in macaque liver leads to stable reduction in serum cholesterol

           Samples UsedAG07095

           Title: Disease-associated short tandem repeats co-localize with chromatin domain boundaries

           Samples UsedAG06103

           Title: Landscape of the complete RNA chemical modifications in the human 80S ribosome

           Samples UsedAG04645 and AG03738

           Title: Replication stress shapes a protective chromatin environment across fragile genomic regions

           Samples Used: I90-15

           Title: Merkel cell polyomavirus infection of animal dermal fibroblasts

           Samples Used: AG05308, AG05356, and AG06116

           Title: LONGO: an R package for interactive gene length dependent analysis for neuronal identity

           Samples UsedAG04148

           Title: Increased MMP activity in curved geometries disrupts the endothelial cell glycocalyx creating a

           proinflammatory environment

           Samples UsedAG09799