Special Search Operators

The Coriell Catalog uses a very powerful search engine (Solr) which permits the use of special search operators to perform advanced searching.

Search Operator Example Name Explanation
" "CANCER" Exact Search Use quotation marks around the search term to find documents containing the exact string searched for inside the quotation marks.
Boolean Search
Search for documents that contain both CANCER AND BREAST.
Boolean Search
Search for documents that contain either ALS OR DOWNS. If you type multiple words separated by spaces. the search will treat each space as an OR operator.
Boolean Search Search for documents that contain CANCER but NOT BREAST.
FieldName:"SearchTerm" CatalogID:"GM12345" Field Exact Search Specify the field first followed by a colon and then the value that you are searching for within quotation marks. The example is searching for a sample with a CatalogID of GM12345. Click here for a list of fields you can search.
? TE?T Wildcard Search Searches for a single character. TE?T would find TEST and TEXT, etc. 
* CYP2* Wildcard Search Searches for 0 or more characters. For example CYP2* would find CYP2C19, CYP2D6, etc.
~ CANCER~ Fuzzy Search Seaches for terms similar to CANCER
(SearchTerm OR SearchTerm) AND SearchTerm (NINDS OR NIGMS) AND ALS Group Search Use parentheses to group search terms. (NINDS OR NIGMS) AND ALS would find documents with NINDS OR NIGMS AND then with ALS.

Search operators can be chained together to form even more advanced queries.

Coriell Catalog Fields (for searching)

Field Name Description
CatalogID Coriell Catalog ID for a sample.
Description Description of the sample including the diagnoses.
AffectedStatus Affected status of the subject that submitted a sample (Yes, No, Unknown)
Product Product type of the sample (e.g. DNA, LCL, etc.)
Source Source of the sample (e.g. Whole Blood, B-Lymphocyte, etc.)
Gene Genes associated with the sample (e.g. BRCA2, etc.)
Mutations Mutations associated with the sample (e.g. 2-BP DEL, 6503TT)
Sex Sex of the subject who submitted the sample (Male, Female)
Age Age of the subject at sampling (e.g. 76 YR)
Race Race of the subject who submitted the sample (e.g. Caucasian, Black, etc.)
Ethnicity Ethnicity of the subject who submittted the sample (e.g. Ashkenazi)
FamilyNumber Coriell family number of the subject who submitted the sample (e.g. 1685)