Repository NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository
Subcollection Apparently Healthy Collection
Quantity 0.050mg
Quantitation Method Please see our FAQ
Biopsy Source Peripheral vein
Cell Type B-Lymphocyte
Tissue Type Blood
Transformant Epstein-Barr Virus
Race Caucasian
Family Member 1
Relation to Proband proband
Confirmation Karyotypic analysis and Case history
ISCN 46,XX,del(16)(pter>q11.2:)[3]/46,XX,del(16)(pter>q11.2:),del(16)(pter>q11.2:)[2]/46,XX,add(9)(qter>p21:?)[1]/46,XX[44]
Species Homo sapiens
Common Name Human
Remarks 46,XX/46,XX,add(9)(p); 96%/4% in lymphoblast culture; 46,XX in leukocytes
IDENTIFICATION OF SPECIES OF ORIGIN Species of Origin Confirmed by Nucleoside Phosphorylase, Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase, and Lactate Dehydrogenase Isoenzyme Electrophoresis and by Chromosome Analysis
Remark 46,XX/46,XX,add(9)(p); 96%/4% in lymphoblast culture; 46,XX in leukocytes
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PubMed ID: 11593014
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Split Ratio 1:3
Temperature 37 C
Percent CO2 5%
Medium Roswell Park Memorial Institute Medium 1640 with 2mM L-glutamine or equivalent
Serum 15% fetal bovine serum Not Inactivated
Substrate None specified
Subcultivation Method dilution - add fresh medium