Aliquot Size: 10 µg each

Sex: Males: 7 Females: 3

Brief Description: Some samples in the Human Variation Collection have been assigned a second catalogue number to indicate inclusion in the Human Variation Collection in addition to their original catalogue number. A complete list of the alternative sample numbers can be downloaded as an Excel file.
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Catalog IDSexAge at SamplingGeneMutation
NA16688Female75 YR  
NA17019Female HLA-BHLA-B*1502 (Mono), HLA-B*1511 (Mono)
NA17019Female HLA-BHLA-B*1502 (Mono), HLA-B*1511 (Mono)
NA16689Male74 YR  
NA16654Male51 YR  
NA17015Male51 YR  
NA17014Male4 YR