Aliquot Size: 10 µg each

Sex: Males: 51 Females: 49

Brief Description: The Caucasian Panel of 100 consists of samples of 100 self-declared Caucasians who are unrelated and apparently healthy. There are 49 females and 51 males in this panel. The individual cell cultures of this panel are labeled GM17201 to GM17300 and the DNA samples are labeled NA17201 to NA17300.

Some samples in the Human Variation Collection have been assigned a second catalogue number to indicate inclusion in the Human Variation Collection in addition to their original catalogue number. A complete list of the alternative sample numbers can be downloaded as an Excel file.

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Catalog IDSexAge at SamplingFamilyRelationshipGeneMutationAffected
NA17201Male25 YR700   No
NA17286Female73 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17289Female73 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17242Female65 YR    No
NA17247Female65 YR  HLA-BHLA-B*5701 (Mono)No
NA17251Female63 YR    No
NA17233Female56 YR    No
NA17279Female54 YR    No
NA17218Female51 YR    No
NA17273Female51 YR    No
NA17290Female5 YR  HLA-BHLA-B*5701 (Mono)No
NA17224Female48 YR    No
NA17245Female48 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17246Female46 YR  CYP2C19, CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono), TRP120ARG (Mono)No
NA17215Female44 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17217Female44 YR    No
NA17230Female37 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17250Female35 YR    No
NA17238Female34 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17266Female34 YR    No
NA17267Female34 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17229Female33 YR    No
NA17294Female33 YR    No
NA17208Female32 YR    No
NA17257Female32 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17262Female32 YR    No
NA17234Female31 YR    No
NA17252Female28 YR  CYP2C9, CYP2D615489579A>C (Mono), IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17260Female28 YR    No
NA17261Female28 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17284Female28 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17239Female27 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17258Female27 YR    No
NA17213Female26 YR    No
NA17236Female26 YR  CYP2D62850C>T (Mono), ARG296CYS AND SER486THR (Mono)No
NA17263Female26 YR    No
NA17265Female25 YR    No
NA17256Female24 YR    No
NA17296Female24 YR  CYP2D62613_2615delAGA (Mono)No
NA17202Female23 YR    No
NA17204Female23 YR    No
NA17206Female23 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17209Female23 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17210Female22 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17216Female22 YR    No
NA17221Female22 YR  CYP2C9, CYP2D615489579A>C (Mono), DUP (Mono)No
NA17275Female22 YR    No
NA17277Female22 YR    No
NA17293Female20 YR  CYP2D62613_2615delAGA (Mono)No
NA17274Female19 YR  CYP2D6ARG296CYS AND SER486THR (Mono)No
NA17299Female     No
NA17228Male75 YR    No
NA17292Male73 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17285Male69 YR    No
NA17222Male68 YR    No
NA17211Male65 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17237Male63 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17281Male63 YR  CYP2D62613_2615delAGA (Mono)No
NA17300Male63 YR  CYP2D61-BP DEL, 1707T (Mono)No
NA17240Male60 YR  CYP2D6, HLA-BHLA-B*5701 (Mono), PRO34SER (Mono)No
NA17297Male60 YR    No
NA17255Male6 YR    No
NA17223Male57 YR    No
NA17248Male55 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono), PRO34SER (Mono)No
NA17269Male55 YR    No
NA17287Male54 YR    No
NA17243Male52 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17212Male51 YR    No
NA17254Male45 YR    No
NA17244Male44 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17249Male44 YR    No
NA17259Male44 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17271Male44 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17298Male44 YR    No
NA17241Male40 YR    No
NA17225Male37 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17220Male36 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17226Male36 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17270Male34 YR    No
NA17214Male33 YR    No
NA17219Male33 YR    No
NA17291Male33 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17235Male31 YR  CYP2D6DEL (Mono)No
NA17283Male31 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17288Male31 YR  HLA-BHLA-B*5701 (Mono)No
NA17295Male31 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17282Male30 YR    No
NA17207Male28 YR    No
NA17231Male28 YR    No
NA17203Male27 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17232Male27 YR    No
NA17253Male27 YR    No
NA17205Male26 YR    No
NA17268Male26 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17264Male25 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono)No
NA17227Male18 YR  CYP2D62613_2615delAGA (Mono)No
NA17272Male17 YR  CYP2D6IVSDS3, G>A, +1 (Mono), PRO34SER (Mono)No
NA17278Male17 YR    No
NA17276Male15 YR  CYP2D6DEL (Mono)No
NA17280Male   CYP2C19, CYP2D61-BP DEL, 2549A (Mono), ARG296CYS AND SER486THR (Mono), TRP120ARG (Mono)No