Event Committees


There are many organizations in our region to which we devote our time. We are passionate about Coriell because it has advanced an overarching mission since its founding in 1953: To improve human health through genetic research.

Today Coriell is advancing the promise of personalized medicine, an emerging field of medicine that uses our genetic information to provide us with more accurate, safer, and more efficient healthcare.



The Friends of Coriell

Maddie Berardi
Janet DeBerry, MD
Anne DelRaso
Janine Donnelly
Dottie Giordano (Chair)
Mina Giordano
Kathy Greatrex, MD
Orsula Knowlton, PharmD
Rochelle Magarick
Barbara Mitnick, PhD
Susan Petrone
Gina Rago
Beth Snider
Tracey Tancredi


Event Ambassadors

James H. Carll, Esq.
Daniel M. DiLella
Peter E. Driscoll, Esq.
JoAnne T. Fredericks, CFA
Frank Giordano (Event Chair)
Carole Haas Gravagno
Liesl Henderson
Jerry L. Johnson
Robert P. Kiep, III (Board Chair)
Susan Bass Levin
Rear Admiral Thomas C. Lynch
James Matour, Esq.
Sandy Norcross
Eliana Papadakis, M.Ed. Hon. PhD
Wendell Pritchett, JD, PhD
John P. Sheridan Jr.
Jack Tarditi, FLMI, LUTCF
Carl W. Underland