Repository NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository
Subcollection Heritable Diseases
Class Other Disorders of Known Biochemistry
Cell Type Fibroblast
Transformant Untransformed
Race American Indian
Family Member 1
Relation to Proband proband
Confirmation Clinical summary/Case history
Species Homo sapiens
Common Name Human
Remarks See GM02417 Lymphoid; mother and 2 sibs are also diabetic
Passage Frozen 3
IDENTIFICATION OF SPECIES OF ORIGIN Species of Origin Confirmed by Nucleoside Phosphorylase Isoenzyme Electrophoresis
Remark See GM02417 Lymphoid; mother and 2 sibs are also diabetic
Park IH, Arora N, Huo H, Maherali N, Ahfeldt T, Shimamura A, Lensch MW, Cowan C, Hochedlinger K, Daley GQ, Disease-Specific Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Cell134(5):877-86 2008
PubMed ID: 18691744
Howard BV, Fields RM, Mott DM, Savage PJ, Nagulesparan M, Bennett PH, Diabetes and cell growth--lack of differences in growth characteristics of fibroblasts from diabetic and nondiabetic Pima Indians. Diabetes29:119-24 1980
PubMed ID: 7353728
No data is available
Passage Frozen 3
Split Ratio 1:3
Temperature 37 C
Percent CO2 5%
Medium Eagle's Minimum Essential Medium with Earle's salts and non-essential amino acids
Serum 15% fetal bovine serum Not inactivated
Substrate None specified
Subcultivation Method trypsin-EDTA