Aliquot Size: 10 µg each

Sex: Males: 14 Females: 36

Brief Description: Some samples in the Human Variation Collection have been assigned a second catalogue number to indicate inclusion in the Human Variation Collection in addition to their original catalogue number. A complete list of the alternative sample numbers can be downloaded as an Excel file.
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Catalog IDSexAge at SamplingGeneMutation
NA17123Female49 YR  
NA17129Female48 YRUGT1A15 TA Repeats (Mono), 6 TA Repeats (Mono)
NA17110Female45 YR  
NA17124Female44 YR  
NA17113Female40 YRUGT1A16 TA Repeats (Bi)
NA17112Female39 YR  
NA17149Female38 YR  
NA17145Female37 YR  
NA17136Female36 YR  
NA17141Female36 YR  
NA17120Female35 YRUGT1A15 TA Repeats (Mono), 7 TA Repeats (Mono)
NA17128Female35 YR  
NA17133Female35 YR  
NA17140Female34 YR  
NA17132Female33 YR  
NA17139Female33 YRUGT1A15 TA Repeats (Mono), 8 TA Repeats (Mono)
NA17150Female32 YR  
NA17118Female31 YRUGT1A17 TA Repeats (Mono), 8 TA Repeats (Mono)
NA17148Female31 YR  
NA17121Female30 YR  
NA17119Female29 YRUGT1A16 TA Repeats (Mono), 8 TA Repeats (Mono)
NA17137Female27 YR  
NA17116Female26 YR  
NA17142Female26 YR  
NA17126Female25 YR  
NA17134Female25 YR  
NA17130Female24 YRUGT1A16 TA Repeats (Mono), 8 TA Repeats (Mono)
NA17131Female24 YRUGT1A15 TA Repeats (Mono), 7 TA Repeats (Mono)
NA17138Female24 YR  
NA17144Female21 YR  
NA17135Female20 YR  
NA17143Female20 YR  
NA17147Female20 YR  
NA17146Female19 YR  
NA17122Female18 YR  
NA17127Female UGT1A15 TA Repeats (Mono), 8 TA Repeats (Mono)
NA17104Male9 YR  
NA17105Male58 YR  
NA17111Male47 YR  
NA17102Male43 YR  
NA17103Male41 YR  
NA17109Male39 YR  
NA17125Male38 YR  
NA17108Male36 YR  
NA17117Male35 YR  
NA17107Male32 YR  
NA17115Male31 YRHLA-B, UGT1A17 TA Repeats (Bi), HLA-B*5703 (Mono)
NA17101Male28 YR  
NA17114Male20 YRUGT1A16 TA Repeats (Mono), 7 TA Repeats (Mono)
NA17106Male11 YR