Aliquot Size: 10 µg each

Sex: Males: 4 Females: 4

Brief Description: Some samples in the Human Variation Collection have been assigned a second catalogue number to indicate inclusion in the Human Variation Collection in addition to their original catalogue number. A complete list of the alternative sample numbers can be downloaded as an Excel file.
Bauchet, M., McEvoy, B., Pearson, L.N., Quillen, E.E., Sarkisian, T., Hovhannesyan, K., Deka, R., Bradley, D.G. and Shriver, M.D., Measuring European population stratification with microarray genotype data Am J Hum Genet80:948-956 2007
PubMed ID: 17436249
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PubMed ID: 15208781

Catalog IDSexAge at Sampling
NA17372Female39 YR
NA17371Female37 YR
NA17375Female19 YR
NA17373Female11 DA
NA17377Male49 YR
NA17370Male44 YR
NA17374Male34 YR
NA17376Male33 YR