Aliquot Size: 10 µg each

Sex: Males: 50 Females: 50

Brief Description: The Mexican-American Community of Los Angeles Panel of 100 is a selection of 50 male and 50 female samples. Each sample is from an individual unrelated to all others in the Panel and has either three or four grandparents born in Mexico.

Some samples in the Human Variation Collection have been assigned a second catalogue number to indicate inclusion in the Human Variation Collection in addition to their original catalogue number. A complete list of the alternative sample numbers can be downloaded as an Excel file.

Catalog IDSexAge at SamplingFamilyRelationshipAffected
NA17686Male22 YR2990probandNo
NA17671Male25 YR2989probandNo
NA17624Female47 YR2988motherNo
NA17630Female59 YR2987motherNo
NA17632Female62 YR probandNo
NA17634Female61 YR probandNo
NA17448Female57 YR probandNo
NA17633Female57 YR probandNo
NA17451Female56 YR probandNo
NA17670Female56 YR probandNo
NA17444Female53 YR probandNo
NA17443Female51 YR probandNo
NA17449Female51 YR probandNo
NA17659Female51 YR probandNo
NA17614Female49 YR probandNo
NA17453Female47 YR probandNo
NA17683Female45 YR probandNo
NA17676Female43 YR probandNo
NA17438Female41 YR probandNo
NA17467Female40 YR probandNo
NA17468Female39 YR probandNo
NA17450Female38 YR probandNo
NA17616Female38 YR probandNo
NA17619Female36 YR probandNo
NA17440Female35 YR probandNo
NA17442Female33 YR probandNo
NA17457Female33 YR probandNo
NA17439Female32 YR probandNo
NA17694Female31 YR probandNo
NA17714Female31 YR probandNo
NA17456Female28 YR probandNo
NA17668Female28 YR probandNo
NA17445Female27 YR probandNo
NA17639Female25 YR probandNo
NA17682Female25 YR probandNo
NA17684Female25 YR probandNo
NA17679Female24 YR probandNo
NA17446Female23 YR probandNo
NA17464Female23 YR probandNo
NA17465Female23 YR probandNo
NA17640Female23 YR probandNo
NA17667Female23 YR probandNo
NA17463Female22 YR probandNo
NA17631Female22 YR probandNo
NA17654Female22 YR probandNo
NA17615Female21 YR probandNo
NA17617Female21 YR probandNo
NA17685Female21 YR probandNo
NA17641Female20 YR probandNo
NA17645Female20 YR probandNo
NA17646Female19 YR probandNo
NA17675Female18 YR probandNo
NA17692Male55 YR probandNo
NA17702Male52 YR probandNo
NA17452Male51 YR probandNo
NA17711Male48 YR probandNo
NA17703Male47 YR probandNo
NA17462Male44 YR probandNo
NA17459Male42 YR probandNo
NA17454Male41 YR probandNo
NA17466Male38 YR probandNo
NA17709Male38 YR probandNo
NA17712Male37 YR probandNo
NA17650Male36 YR probandNo
NA17652Male36 YR probandNo
NA17701Male35 YR probandNo
NA17461Male32 YR probandNo
NA17695Male32 YR probandNo
NA17441Male31 YR probandNo
NA17655Male30 YR probandNo
NA17678Male30 YR probandNo
NA17713Male30 YR probandNo
NA17648Male29 YR probandNo
NA17460Male28 YR probandNo
NA17705Male28 YR probandNo
NA17708Male28 YR probandNo
NA17660Male27 YR probandNo
NA17699Male27 YR probandNo
NA17637Male26 YR probandNo
NA17656Male26 YR probandNo
NA17710Male26 YR probandNo
NA17653Male25 YR probandNo
NA17706Male24 YR probandNo
NA17642Male23 YR probandNo
NA17658Male23 YR probandNo
NA17698Male23 YR probandNo
NA17700Male23 YR probandNo
NA17707Male23 YR probandNo
NA17458Male22 YR probandNo
NA17673Male22 YR probandNo
NA17689Male22 YR probandNo
NA17618Male21 YR probandNo
NA17636Male21 YR probandNo
NA17661Male21 YR probandNo
NA17677Male21 YR probandNo
NA17680Male21 YR probandNo
NA17651Male20 YR probandNo
NA17657Male20 YR probandNo
NA17704Male20 YR probandNo
NA17622Male19 YR probandNo

Version 2 contains unrelated individuals. A small number of samples in the previous version were found to be related.
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