Aliquot Size: 10 µg each

Sex: Males: 50 Females: 50

Brief Description: The Han People of Los Angeles Panel of 100 is a selection of 50 male and 50 female samples. Each sample is from an individual of Han ethnicity unrelated to all others in the Panel and has all four grandparents born in Taiwan, China, or Hong Kong.

Some samples in the Human Variation Collection have been assigned a second catalogue number to indicate inclusion in the Human Variation Collection in addition to their original catalogue number. A complete list of the alternative sample numbers can be downloaded as an Excel file.

Catalog IDSexAge at SamplingFamilyRelationshipAffected
NA17831Female56 YR2986motherNo
NA17837Male62 YR2986fatherNo
NA17839Female64 YR probandNo
NA17840Female64 YR probandNo
NA17775Female63 YR probandNo
NA17801Female60 YR probandNo
NA17817Female58 YR probandNo
NA17841Female57 YR probandNo
NA17847Female55 YR probandNo
NA17844Female54 YR probandNo
NA17744Female51 YR probandNo
NA17779Female51 YR probandNo
NA17795Female51 YR probandNo
NA17798Female51 YR probandNo
NA17808Female48 YR probandNo
NA17754Female47 YR probandNo
NA17783Female47 YR probandNo
NA17800Female47 YR probandNo
NA17816Female47 YR probandNo
NA17838Female46 YR probandNo
NA17814Female45 YR probandNo
NA17785Female44 YR probandNo
NA17799Female41 YR probandNo
NA17793Female40 YR probandNo
NA17782Female37 YR probandNo
NA17792Female35 YR probandNo
NA17843Female30 YR probandNo
NA17802Female28 YR probandNo
NA17815Female28 YR probandNo
NA17811Female27 YR probandNo
NA17740Female23 YR probandNo
NA17780Female23 YR probandNo
NA17738Female22 YR probandNo
NA17739Female22 YR probandNo
NA17756Female21 YR probandNo
NA17768Female21 YR probandNo
NA17803Female21 YR probandNo
NA17833Female21 YR probandNo
NA17734Female20 YR probandNo
NA17747Female20 YR probandNo
NA17752Female20 YR probandNo
NA17758Female20 YR probandNo
NA17766Female20 YR probandNo
NA17733Female19 YR probandNo
NA17735Female19 YR probandNo
NA17745Female19 YR probandNo
NA17746Female19 YR probandNo
NA17797Female19 YR probandNo
NA17741Female18 YR probandNo
NA17757Female18 YR probandNo
NA17773Female18 YR probandNo
NA17824Male64 YR probandNo
NA17827Male61 YR probandNo
NA17796Male59 YR probandNo
NA17761Male58 YR probandNo
NA17818Male58 YR probandNo
NA17743Male57 YR probandNo
NA17776Male57 YR probandNo
NA17810Male56 YR probandNo
NA17789Male55 YR probandNo
NA17854Male53 YR probandNo
NA17809Male51 YR probandNo
NA17812Male50 YR probandNo
NA17794Male49 YR probandNo
NA17813Male46 YR probandNo
NA17826Male46 YR probandNo
NA17853Male46 YR probandNo
NA17804Male45 YR probandNo
NA17805Male45 YR probandNo
NA17825Male45 YR probandNo
NA17771Male42 YR probandNo
NA17791Male42 YR probandNo
NA17784Male41 YR probandNo
NA17787Male41 YR probandNo
NA17828Male41 YR probandNo
NA17790Male35 YR probandNo
NA17753Male34 YR probandNo
NA17823Male33 YR probandNo
NA17842Male29 YR probandNo
NA17852Male25 YR probandNo
NA17742Male24 YR probandNo
NA17850Male24 YR probandNo
NA17769Male23 YR probandNo
NA17855Male23 YR probandNo
NA17856Male23 YR probandNo
NA17762Male22 YR probandNo
NA17770Male22 YR probandNo
NA17806Male22 YR probandNo
NA17737Male21 YR probandNo
NA17835Male21 YR probandNo
NA17755Male20 YR probandNo
NA17764Male20 YR probandNo
NA17765Male20 YR probandNo
NA17767Male20 YR probandNo
NA17807Male20 YR probandNo
NA17749Male19 YR probandNo
NA17759Male19 YR probandNo
NA17774Male19 YR probandNo
NA17845Male19 YR probandNo
NA17736Male18 YR probandNo

Version 2 contains unrelated individuals. A small number of samples in the previous version were found to be related.
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