Aliquot Size: 10 µg each

Sex: Males: 17 Females: 83

Brief Description: The African-American Panel of 100 version 2 consists of samples of 100 self-declared African-Americans who are unrelated and apparently healthy. There are 83 females and 17 males in this panel. The individual cell cultures of this panel are labeled GM17101 to GM17200. In version 2, GM17163 and GM17195 have been replaced with GM14496 and GM14544. The individual DNA samples are labeled NA17101 to NA17200. In version 2, NA17163 and NA17195 have been replaced with NA14496 and NA14544.

These Human Variation Panel samples have been genotyped with the Affymetrix Genome-Wide Human SNP Array 6.0 platform and the genotyping data has been deposited in the Database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP) in the study "Genotyping 400 Samples from the NIGMS Human Variation Panels" (Study Accession: phs000211.v1.p1). Details

Some samples in the Human Variation Collection have been assigned a second catalogue number to indicate inclusion in the Human Variation Collection in addition to their original catalogue number. A complete list of the alternative sample numbers can be downloaded as an Excel file.

Catalog IDSexFamilyRelationshipGeneMutationAffected
NA17155Female2991proband  No
NA17194Female2985sister  No
NA14544Female1746twin sister  No
NA14496Female1731twin sister  No
NA17160Female    No
NA17123Female    No
NA17129Female  UGT1A15 TA Repeats (Mono), 6 TA Repeats (Mono)No
NA17193Female    No
NA17110Female    No
NA17124Female    No
NA17156Female    No
NA17181Female    No
NA17113Female  UGT1A16 TA Repeats (Bi)No
NA17175Female    No
NA17112Female    No
NA17149Female    No
NA17153Female    No
NA17145Female    No
NA17162Female    No
NA17168Female    No
NA17136Female    No
NA17141Female    No
NA17167Female    No
NA17169Female    No
NA17187Female    No
NA17120Female  UGT1A15 TA Repeats (Mono), 7 TA Repeats (Mono)No
NA17128Female    No
NA17133Female    No
NA17140Female    No
NA17154Female    No
NA17165Female    No
NA17173Female    No
NA17132Female    No
NA17139Female  UGT1A15 TA Repeats (Mono), 8 TA Repeats (Mono)No
NA17150Female    No
NA17118Female  UGT1A17 TA Repeats (Mono), 8 TA Repeats (Mono)No
NA17148Female    No
NA17171Female    No
NA17121Female    No
NA17151Female    No
NA17172Female    No
NA17177Female    No
NA17178Female    No
NA17196Female    No
NA17119Female  UGT1A16 TA Repeats (Mono), 8 TA Repeats (Mono)No
NA17158Female    No
NA17179Female    No
NA17137Female    No
NA17116Female    No
NA17142Female    No
NA17185Female    No
NA17188Female    No
NA17190Female    No
NA17126Female    No
NA17134Female    No
NA17157Female    No
NA17166Female    No
NA17198Female    No
NA17130Female  UGT1A16 TA Repeats (Mono), 8 TA Repeats (Mono)No
NA17131Female  UGT1A15 TA Repeats (Mono), 7 TA Repeats (Mono)No
NA17138Female    No
NA17159Female    No
NA17184Female    No
NA17189Female    No
NA17192Female    No
NA17197Female    No
NA17199Female    No
NA17144Female    No
NA17186Female    No
NA17135Female    No
NA17143Female    No
NA17147Female    No
NA17161Female    No
NA17176Female    No
NA17180Female    No
NA17146Female    No
NA17191Female    No
NA17122Female    No
NA17182Female    No
NA17183Female    No
NA17170Female    Yes
NA17127Female  UGT1A15 TA Repeats (Mono), 8 TA Repeats (Mono)No
NA17164Female    No
NA17104Male    No
NA17200Male    Yes
NA17105Male    No
NA17111Male    No
NA17102Male    No
NA17103Male    No
NA17152Male    No
NA17109Male    No
NA17125Male    No
NA17108Male    No
NA17117Male    No
NA17107Male    No
NA17115Male  HLA-B, UGT1A17 TA Repeats (Bi), HLA-B*5703 (Mono)No
NA17101Male    No
NA17114Male  UGT1A16 TA Repeats (Mono), 7 TA Repeats (Mono)No
NA17174Male    Yes
NA17106Male    No

Version 2 contains unrelated individuals. A small number of samples in the previous version were found to be related.
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